drawn lots: to draw repeatedly, to draw by chance, to draw a small area of land . . .
WINTER 2015:

Regan's News:

Recipient of The Jerome Foundation 2015 Emerging Artist Fellowship.

After Landscapes, a solo exhibition of new work at the Lawndale Art Center, will be closing on January 10th.

Jeremy's News:

"Stability Dynamics: Erosion/Displacement" is up at Texas Tech's Landmark Arts Gallery as part of Beyond Printmaking 4, curated by Kevin Haas. The exhibit is up January 17th through February 22nd. More info about the show in Glasstire.

A print from the Stability Dynamics series in "ROLLED, STONED & INKED: 25 years of the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative" at the City of Chicago's Expo 72 Gallery. November 15, 2014–February 28, 2015 (Jeremy was an intern at CPC in 1998 and taught there from 2003 - 2004).

FALL 2014:

Jeremy's News:

Accumulation from the Stability Dynamics series, a ghost print of every stage in the etching (40 stages) printed on top of each other, is included in the International Juried Exhibition, Stand Out Prints at the HIghpoint Center for Printmaking. The exhibition was curated, Susan Tallman, editor of Art in Print. The show opens Friday, September 5th and runs thru October 4th.

Erosion/Displacement, 20 prints selected from the Stability Dynamics series is also included in exhibition Midwest Multiples at the Nemeth Art Center. The exhibition was curated by Hesse McGraw of the San Francisco Art Institute.

Jeremy will be moderating the panel, "That's so printerly . . ." with artists Sanitago Cucullu, Amanda Lee, and Ron Abram at the Mid-America Print Council Conference in Detroit in September.

Regan's News:

After Landscapes, a solo exhibition of new work at the Lawndale Art Center, opens November 21st. The show was written up by Molly Glentzer in the Houston Chronicle's Fall Art Preview.

A review of the MN Biennial by Mary Abbe in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune includes a brief discussion of the diptych Infested Hemlock (2013), read it here.

SUMMER 2014:

Jeremy's News:

Stability Dynamics: New Prints by Jeremy Lundquist, a solo show at the HIghpoint Center for Printmaking, runs from April 4 - June 30th.

A selection from the Stability Dynamics series is included in the New Prints Exhibition at the International Print Center New York from June 4 - July 1. (According to the IPCNY website. . . the exhibition includes 49 prints by different artists selected from over 3000 prints that were submitted). The IPCNY is located at 508 W. 26th Street.

Regan's News:

The diptych Infested Hemlock (2013) is included in the MN Biennial at the Minnesota Museum of American Art. The show opens on Saturday, June 12th. Regan will be giving an artist talk at the museum on Saturday, July 12th.

Published a review of Rometti and Costales' Savage Palms, Worn Stones, Moonshine Visions at Midway Contemporary Art in the May edition of Modern Painters.

Look for an upcoming review of Jim Hodges' Give More Than You Take at the Walker Art Center in ArtPulse.

WINTER 2013:

Inside Out Picture of a Forest published by Drawn Lots Press is now available on MagCloud. This is our first experiment with this new platform for self-publishing, we hope that lots of other books will follow! Click here to preview.

Regan's book At the Edge of an Unfamiliar Forest (artist book) is included in the exhibition "D.I.Y. Photographers and Books" at Columbia College in Chicago, opens on September 18th and runs through December 7th. One of her new photocollages about the biodiversity of the Midwestern prairie is also included in the exhibition "45th Parallel" at the Phipps Center for the Arts, Hudson, WI, opens January 3rd.

FALL 2013:

September 8th - 21st, Regan will be a visiting artist at Illinois State University. Into the Shadows (cut photograph) is currently on view at the Foundry Art Centre in the exhibition "Paper Cuts" through September 27th. At the Edge of an Unfamilar Forest (artist book) is included in the exhibition" D.I.Y. Photographers and Books" at Columbia College in Chicago, opens on September 18th and runs through December 7th.

Jeremy will be teaching Stone Lithography at The Highpoint Center for Printmaking in Minneapolis, starting October 1st. Stability Dynamics (see post below) will be on view at Spudnik Press in Chicago until September 13th.

SUMMER 2013:

click on image above for slide show of "Stability Dynamics" at Grant Wood Fellowship exhibition at the University of Iowa in April 2013

After months of scraping, burnishing and printing Stability Dynamics is done! This series of works is based on the Joint Chief of Staff's diagram "Afghanistan Stability/COIN (Counter Insurgency) Dynamics," which was first published in the New York Times in April 2010 in an article titled,'We Have Met the Enemy and He Is PowerPoint." According to the NYT, General McCrystal wryly remarked upon seeing the image, "when we understand that slide, we will have won the war." Jeremy created this series of prints over the past year as the Grant Wood Fellow in Printmaking at the University of Iowa. The prints will be exhibited at Spudnik Press in Chicago for The Printer's Ball and then will be on view until September 13th.

My hand-cut photograph, Into the Shadows, is currently on view at the Foundry Art Centre in the exhibition "Paper Cuts" through September 27th. I will be an artist-in-residence at Illinois State University during the month of September.


We are busy at work at the Grant Wood Art Colony these days. Jeremy is working on large scale print project reconfiguring a diagram produced by the defense department meant to explain the war in Afghanistan. The project will be finished and on display at the Grant Wood Fellowship show at the University of Iowa School of Art and Art History in April.

A series of twenty intaglio prints that Jeremy made as an Artist-in-Residence at Spudnik Press in Chicago will be part of "Proof" at The DePree Gallery at Hope College in Holland, MI. Jeremy's gallery talk is February 7th at 4:30.

I just got back from Toronto where two large diptychs (cut photographs and transfer drawings) are in the exhibition, Clear Cut, at Gallery 44: Centre for Contemporary Photography. Gave a lecture at the opening and at OCAD (Ontario College of Art and Design). Love this city!

I was also very fortunate to have an opportunity this fall to interview Walker Art Center Assistant Curator, Bartholomew Ryan. Our conversation about art and life in Minneapolis was published in Temporary Art Review in November.


Just before departing Chicago and moving to Iowa, Regan squeezed in two last interviews with influential Chicago artists, Angee Lennard of Spudnik Press in Temporary Art Review, as well as Michelle Grabner and Brad Killam of The Suburban Gallery in Los Angeles Artist Resource's blog Studio Visit. All of these folks uniquely shape the Chicago art scene and help make it a thriving ecosystem for artists.

SPRING/SUMMER 2012: We are taking Drawn Lots to Iowa City for a year!
Drawn Lots Co-founder, Jeremy Lundquist, received the Grant Wood Fellowship in Printmaking at the University of Iowa. His work there will focus on tourist and historic sites in Iowa and the Midwest. Meanwhile, Regan will be returning to the prairie, since it was the flat cornfields of Iowa with the prairie grasses growing along the edges that first got her interested in altered landscapes. So it is full circle, twelve years after leaving Grinnell, we are headed back to Iowa! We will miss you Chicago!

January 18 - February 18th, Gallery Proper at All Along Press on Cherokee Street in St. Louis, MO.

The River des Peres runs through St. Louis and eventually marks the southern limits of the city with its concrete riverbed.  In the 1900s the river was labeled a “menace of an unruly stream” as it continually flooded the neighborhoods north of Forest Park.  As a result, sections of the river were channeled underground, making it an "invisible river." It took engineers several tries to run the river underground. From wooden boxes to pipes, diverting the river proved more challenging than when it was pitched to the public in 1916 as a "simple" and "inexpensive" project that demanded "no intricate difficulties" and required "no heroic mood." This exhibition at Gallery Proper uses the history of the River des Peres as a starting point. We decided that the river would remain largely "invisible" in our exhibition as well, and instead gathered together works about the difficulty of reigning in natural spaces.

The work comes from a variety of places: from the edge of a exurban woods in Alabama to the Meramec Caverns in Missouri, from Harvard University’s experimental forest in Massachusetts to an underground lake in Iowa. Source imagery also includes the geological strata of St. Louis, an illustration of old growth hemlocks that introduces a poem by Longfellow, and construction debris sliding down a mountain slope in the Berkshires.  The text comes from descriptions of model railroad landscapes, a pamphlet touting the wonders of Crystal Lake Cave, and hand-painted signs at a forestry museum.  While these sources are far-reaching, we felt that they all resonated with what we learned and imagined about this underground river, the River des Peres.

FALL 2011: MDW Fall Showcase, October 21st - 23rd at the Geolofts, 3636 S. Iron St. in Bridgeport.

In addition to collaborative works we made about the Forest in Massachusetts in 2010, at the MDW Fair Fall show case we are also presenting new work about the events at the Haymarket in Chicago on May 4, 1886. This project was inspired by the recent protests on Wall Street.

Click on the image above to see a slide show of works from the MDW Fair.

Spring 2011: "A forest with caves"

Drawn Lots (Regan Golden and Jeremy Lundquist) headed south in March from Chicago. Regan went to find a forest outside Huntsville, Alabama for the exhibition "This is Paul Halupka" at Columbia College (July - August 2011). The result of this search is a series of cut photographs, transfer drawings, and a book, "At the Edge of an Unfamiliar Forest." This project was supported by the Contemporary Arts Council of Chicago. (Preview the book published by Drawn Lots Press here).

In the midst of heavy rain on the drive back, Jeremy stopped to photograph Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. Since 2005 Jeremy has been creating prints and drawings of show caves in Missouri using imagery appropriated from tourist pamphlets.

Although these are both mythical spaces--forests and caves--the reality of our experience of these spaces was defined by limited accessibility. In the forest, movement and viewing was constrained by the dense undergrowth and thick fog. In the cave, as tourists our movements were restricted not only by physical barriers, like fence rails embedded inside the cave, but also because only a small portion of the cave is open to visitors. The images that resulted from both encounters are mainly of blocked or prescribed views, as the focus of our attention became on the relationship between the space, the barrier and the viewer.

Summer 2010: "We've been to this site"

Drawn Lots (Regan Golden and Jeremy Lundquist) embarked on a residency at The Harvard Forest, a Long-term Ecological Research Site run by Harvard University. The Fischer Museum at the Harvard Forest is used to teach the forests' past and hypothesize about its future. We inserted our photographs, drawings and prints related to the research at The Harvard Forest into the museum's didactic displays from the 1970s. We also rearranged displays and made new work in response to the diagrams and texts in the vitrines and the archives. Much thanks to The Harvard Forest for this incredible opportunity. Drawn Lots Press will publish a catalog of the project in Fall 2011.

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